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Valentines Events 2018

Valentines day is coming.....

 it's the time to sign up for our Annual Valentines hop. Let's get some new followers and much more. 
Open to Models, Authors, Photographers, Designers everyone. 
I'm sure you know the drill by now, fill out this form and wait for the email to arrive. 
Cost £10 per person
Dates -  12th February - 17th February
Hooked on books Promotions

Valentines day is coming - I know a few people are doing a limited time, free book promotion. 
So here we go, We are sending out a Newsletter on 14th February to everyone. 
If you wish for your book to feature in this Newsletter please complete the form. 
Date - 14th February 2018
Price - £3 per book

All books must be FREE for this promotion, if that is long term or one off. If the book is not priced accordingly, I can't share it. If you paid for the promotion.
Make sure to place a reminder in your diary.
Nothing will be sent to you to post or anything, just pay the invoice and sit b…

Book Blitz - Retribution - C.J. Laurence

Book Blitz - Retribution - C.J. Laurence  Book - Retribution  Author - C.J. Laurence Event Host - Hooked On Books Promotions

Louisa Simmons is one of the lucky ones. She escaped her abusive relationship before it was too late. However, her ex still has access to their eight-year old son. Not only does Louisa have to rebuild herself, but she faces a daily fight of her ex attempting to charm his way back into her life.

In the middle of all this, Louisa stumbles upon a new man who sweeps her off her feet. With major trust issues and a meddling ex, Louisa is left dealing with a whole new set of troubles. When her ex realises he’s losing her for good, a campaign of terror is ignited. 

How can a new relationship blossom under the shadow of an obsessed ex? And more importantly, can Louisa stop her ex from taking things too far?


About CJ Laurence 
Born in the grand year of 1986, I am currently a 31 year old female living in Lincolnshire, England. 

By day, I work in an o…

Book Blitz - Truth or Dare - Elizabeth Morgan

Book Blitz - Truth or Dare - Elizabeth Morgan  Book - Truth or Dare  Author - Elizabeth Morgan  Hosted by Hooked on books Promotions

Do you dare tell the truth?

A tequila fuelled game of Truth or Dare is not Dani’s idea of fun, but when Cameron, the jerk who rejected her a year ago is the one provoking her into playing, how can she say no? Not that he’s giving her the option in the first place.
Bravado compels her forward, but when the dares get physical and their friends leave them alone, Cameron’s questions turn to her feelings for him, and unfortunately, lying is not part of the game.
Will a dare give Dani the courage she needs to tell Cameron the truth?
This title contains explicit language and graphic sex. Note: This is a previously published title. No changes have been made to the story.
Length: 10,000 words/ 37 pages  Content: Erotic Romance Publisher: Elizabeth Morgan

Excerpt: “Well, if it’s finally just the four of us, I think it’s about time I ga

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