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Release Day Blitz - Ash - Julieanne Lynch

Release Day - Ash - Julieanne Lynch Author - Julieanne Lynch Book – Ash Photographer - Wander Aguiar Model - Marshall Perrin Cover Designed by - Irish Ink - Formatting and Graphics Event - Release Day  Release Date - 27th September  Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

Torn between love and duty.
One man must fight for what is his.

Ash Benton had it all.  A loving wife.  A flourishing career.  A little boy who adores him.

All that comes crashing down when his past catches up with him.  Love and grief bring out the worst in people, in Ash’s case, the long winding path to self-destruction.  With nothing but his son on his mind, two very different women try to pull him in opposite directions.  Ash struggles honoring his wife’s dying words and is haunted by the errors of his ways. 

Can he overcome his internal battle?  Will he finally allow love to mend his broken heart?

Release Day - 44 Rillington Crescent - Samantha Fontien

Release Day  - 44 Rillington Crescent - Samantha Fontien  Book - 44 Rillington Crescent Author - Samantha Fontien Release Day - 24th September  Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

44 Rillington Crescent

I’m calculating, like most women... Except... I’m no ordinary woman...

I’m emotionally damaged… And, I accept that, hell… I embrace it.

I’m a lost soul… I don’t do Love in any shape or form, well I didn’t think I did, until the universe didn’t see eye to eye with me and decided to teach me a lesson that I would never forget, showing me Love can take many forms…
* This Love story contains; Drama, Profanity and Mature Content, intended for readers 18+ *


Release Day Blitz - Hidden - Amelia J Hunter

Release Day Blitz - Hidden - Amelia J Hunter   Book - Hidden  Author - Amelia J Hunter  Release day Blitz - 20th Septemember   Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

Secrets never stay hidden, do they? They have a way of creeping into your life when you least expect them.

Samuel Delaney never expected his secret, his past, his mother to destroy the man he had fought hard to become. But when a white envelope with an Irish stamp, containing a letter handwritten in black ink, arrived on a Wednesday morning, it changed everything, risking the most important thing in his life - Faye, his soul mate for the past ten years.

Samuel had boarded a plane thirteen years ago without looking back. Now, he had no choice but to return and bury his past before it ruined his future. But he didn’t expect the secrets to run deeper, down to a rotten root.

Will the discovery of the hidden secrets change him when Samuel doesn’t want to be changed?

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